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April 1, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Warning: Tagged as Mature for the somewhat strong implications of explicitly sexual pleasure going on during it~ Yes, that specifically. Also, voraphiles may find this sexy. If you're not a voraphile and this somehow offends you, you're a bit silly and should hit the back button immediately. (I take no responsibility for commentors consumed over the internet as a result of failure to adhere to this warning or insecurities related to such.)

Done in... roughly 10 hours of straight work? This is pure scratch work, and earnestly my first attempt at making something non-sprite related that isn't half-arsed. I'm afraid that despite my efforts to prevent it, I'm not perfect and out of the roughly 360 individually crafted frames there were some mistakes--Such as the awkward way the breasts and stomach separate during certain parts of the animation. Unfortunately, iWarp has it's limitations and I simply did not have the energy to spend hours fixing everything that mysteriously managed to go wrong. There has /got/ to be a better way to animate stuff. Most of this was just tedious as heck copying and pasting things into the next layer. Either GIMP is really bad and I'm just noticing this now or the graphics editing programs of 2013 are really bad... somehow.

Anyway, I hope the end result is good enough that someone enjoys it. Here's a short story to go with it. Have you ever wondered why you can't fight the female protagonist on Mt. Silver? I sure have. (If the notion of Red speaking offends you, just imagine they're speaking some crazy awesome magic mute language. I don't know. This story would either be very short of full of filler without two speakers. :P)

I will be referring to Blue/Leaf simply as Blue in the story, for simplicity's sake.


Blue: *Emitted a light, rather feminine groan in unison with her stomach. She held her rather gravid looking midsection with both hands to help support the weight, bending over slightly with her back to a wall.* ...It looks like I'll be the one traveling to Mt. Silver to seek a true challenge this time, Red~

Red: *Shivers at the feeling of Blue's stomach tightly hugging him from all directions, the steady churning and gentle rubbing of her hands overstimulating his senses and aggravating him.* Nnn... Yeah right--Everyone knows girls are more sensitive to the cold. I bet you... run away. *Shifts and pushes weakly*

Blue: *For a moment, she stopped what she was doing. Well, she honestly couldn't deny the part about girls seeming to be more sensitive to the cold. That seemed to be disturbingly accurate from her appearance. Wonder why that was? ...She briefly looked down at her revealing mini-skirt from the side. ...Perhaps boys just liked to act tough? She wouldn't know.* ...Sure didn't stop me from beating you!~ *Giggles* Yummy in my tummy!~ *Pats her stomach several times*

Red: ...D-Damnit, Blue! *Growled his words out indignantly, not all too thrilled about his situation. One couldn't see the blush on his face, probably having something to do with being intimately squeezed inside a girl.*

Blue: Aww~ *Coos sweetly at her bulging, shifting stomach, taking advantage of her dominant position to get the teasing she normally couldn't do without fear of a pokemon battle done.* What's wooong..? Who's a lil' cutie? Who's a lil---

Red: *Sharply jabs and kicks at the inside of Blue's stomach, cutting her off.* ...

Blue: *Yelps briefly, but quickly regains her composure, not used to having someone squirming around inside her.* ...Someone's being a bad boy. *Shook her head in a condescending manner.

Red: ...What do I look like to you??

Blue: *Looked around for a moment* ...Well, you look just like a /baby/, all snug in my tummy tum, just a little belly bump for all to see~ *Gently began to massage her stomach, even as Red sharply kicked around within every couple of moments.* And for the record, I /am/ going up to Mt. Silver. I won't be alone though--I'll be heavily pregnant with a very rowdy baby, and it'll help keep me warm...~ *Her tone was sultry*

Red: *Stunned into silence by Blue's flirting temporarily.*

Blue: ...

Red: ...

Blue: ...

Red: Blue, you can't keep me in here!

Blue: ...And what are you going to do about it, mister so much better than that /girl/ trainer? What's her name anyway? Green? Leaf? Nobody cares because /she's/ not important! *Crosses her arms under her breasts, genuinely irritated*

Red: Blue, there are /acids/. You've /got/ to spit me back up! And--

Blue: Y'know what? No! I'm /not/ throwing you up! How about that?! I'm just as good a trainer as /you/ are...! *Glared at her stomach for a moment. What, was it the skirt? Was her hair not nice enough?* But it's not like you care! You don't even talk to me unless I hunt you down and /battle/ you first!

Red: *Several long moments of silence aside from the gurgling of Blue's stomach* ...I always thought you were really... cute Blue.

Blue: *Hesitated a moment* ...R-Really? ...I guess I'm not so cute anymore, though~ *She started to pet her stomach*

Red: N-No! You're very cute. And... strong--I don't meet a lot of strong girls, y'know.

Blue: ...*Narrowed her eyes slightly* How cute am I?

Red: ...

Blue: *Narrowed her eyes a bit further* Tell me how much you /love/ being inside me right now~ *Grinned, tightening her body a bit*

Red: B--Blue! I--...

Blue: Do it! Unless I'm not pretty enough to be inside~

Red: *Grumbled, his grumbles drowned out by Blue's stomach noises.* It's... amazing.

Blue: Are you sure? You don't sound convinced... Is it /hot/?~ *Grinned, her tone sultry. She slowly ran her hands down the side of her body in a flirtatious manner.

Red: ...Nnn... there's no body I'd rather be inside. *His tone lacked conviction.*

Blue: Hmph. *Giggles immaturely at having convinced Red to pretend to enjoy beign in her stomach.* I don't believe you. If you want to get out, you can get out on your /own/!

Red: *A moment's hesitation. Well... actually, he had no problem with that! Red kicks harder, squirming in such a manner as to try and force his way out. However, Blue's stomach merely stretched with his blows, keeping him safely within her gut.*

Blue: Mmm... That /almost/ hurt~

Red: ...*Red regained his sense of direction, finding the top of Blue's stomach and pushing himself up. He managed to get back into her throat, but soon found that something was wrapped tightly around her chest, restraining his access further up.*

Blue: *Felt Red move further up and became wary, wincing slightly as she felt his bulging form bump into her chest* ...I guess you didn't expect me to put my bra back on after eating you, huh?~

Red: This is humiliating...

Blue: *Giggles lightly* Why's that? Didn't think a /girl/ could do something like this? It's not like you to underestimate people, Red...~

Red: ... *Tried to force himself through, only to find that her chest was too tight. He only managed to get his head and an arm up into her chest before he could go no further, pushing his arm back out of Blue's mouth and attempting to grab for something to help pull himself up.*

Blue: Mmph!... *Hesitates a moment at the admittedly gross taste of Red's re-emerged arm. She quickly proceeds to swallow him back down though, prodding her stomach rather hard* If you were looking for an escape you came to the wrong end, buddy..~ *Grins in a mocking manner*

Red: *Kicks and shoves around as hard as he can*

Blue: *Swayed her hips in a flirtatious manner along with Red's struggling, gently rubbing her stomach* Don't worry~ You'll live...

Red: ..! *A rather intense blush caught his cheeks*

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vorefan31 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
Can you please make a sequel
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
A sequel? =o
vorefan31 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Yeah like if he eats him again,or this after an hour
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
My guess is that he's going to find himself trapped in there for longer than that. She doesn't seem intent on letting him back out quite so easily. ;P
TotalDramaFan90 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
I love your animations!
AngelofHell64 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
Quite an interesting piece of vore animation, and it has a story. Amazing is all i have to say.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Another fun animation you created. I enjoy how you keep adding the prey trying to escape but it not working. Pretty nice effect.
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I appreciate that, considering how hard this was to make. :P

Perhaps next time I make an animation, I can avoid certain errors!
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Another great piece of art. I love how Blue/Leaf's belly bulges all over the place, and when Red tries to escape the bulge moves up and when she swallows him back down the bulge drops back into her belly. And the story is also a wonderful addition. Really great.
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. c: I made the effort. This time, I actually tried to convey him trying to escape through the other end, though I may not have been as successively in this regard. |D
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