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Dawn eats Cynthia -Animation and Short Story- by Artemis-Platinum Dawn eats Cynthia -Animation and Short Story- by Artemis-Platinum
Warning: Voraphiles may find this sexy. If you're not a voraphile and this somehow /offends/ you despite how non-sexually explicit or graphic it is... You're a silly person and should probably just hit the back button now. (I take no responsibility for commenters consumed over the internet as a result of failure to adhere to this warning or insecurities related to such.)

This was gifted to me by an anonymous friend of mine quite a while back and while I loved the original ever so intensely this only provoked me to ask myself "What if it was in color?" (Here's the original: )

So I got their permission to re-upload a colored version, which is neat because now I get to share this with the world! I hosted a blog asking who people wanted to see her eat and the most popular answer (Or perhaps slightly more accurately the one I liked best since not a huge amount of people voted) was Cynthia. Unfortunately it took me far too long to realize that Dawn had been drawn without eyes and that I didn't have the muse to portray Platina, so I apologize to those of you who wanted to see Dawn's snobbier doppelganger~


Cynthia: *Opens her eyes nice and wide in shock as she is plunged down into the warm confines of Dawn's stomach, unable to immediately process what had just happened. Mucous covered muscly walls hugged her from every direction, a warm liquid pooled below her.*

Dawn: *Covered her mouth to restrain a large burp. She had more class than that! The painful pressure in her tummy soon changed her mind however and she allowed herself to bashfully emit an enormous burp that caused several elite four members to raise their heads wondering what exactly they'd just heard.* ...Excuse me! Luckily only you're around to hear that. *Dawn giggled, an embarrassed smile on her face.*

Cynthia: *Is squeezed ever tighter inside Dawn's stomach, fleshy slimy walls forcing her into a very tight ball, mucous already all in her beautiful hair. The warm liquid now filled roughly a quarter of Dawn's stomach. Cynthia narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her nose at the smell, squirming a bit within Dawn's stomach.* ...Ugh! Since when were you a cannibal??

Dawn: *Dawn drifted her fingers over her smooth, round belly, admiring it's shape and feel. She emitted a squeak as her stomach distorted slightly with Cynthia's movements within, a blush coming to her cheeks.* Ooh..! *Giggle* Don't think of it like that~ Think of it as me showing you who's boss~ *She replies in a teasing tone, digging a finger into her bulging body.*

Cynthia: *Twitches, a shiver running down her spine as she felt Dawn's stomach begin to rhythmically churn, slowly rubbing and squeezing her body without any help from Dawn. Dawn's finger pressing against her side and wiggling at her didn't help. She gave Dawn's stomach a hard shove and a kick in response, attempting to knock Dawn off balance.* Are you sure you can keep me down?

Dawn: *Wobbles, her ribs and muscles keeping Cynthia well in check within her body. She giggled at Cynthia's attempt though.* Aww... I thought you were pretty before but now you're just cute!~ *Snicker* As a matter of fact, I can! *Poke. Poke. Prod.*

Cynthia: *Attempts to push her way back up, only to find that Dawn's bra made her chest quite tight and difficult to get past.* 

Dawn: *Blushes rather hard, resting her hand on her belly and beginning to rub* That's right! Try to escape~ *Giggles*

Cynthia: *Turns a gentle pink at the sensation of being rubbed* You're enjoying this, aren't you..? Why?

Dawn: *Places her finger to her lips* It feels kind of... right! *She suddenly becomes aware of her dress coat being stretched entirely too thin, leaving her thighs more or less entirely exposed to the elements. She began trying to tug it back over her bulging stomach.* Hey--Do you think you could curl up a bit tighter..? I'm feeling a lot more wind than I'd like to...

Cynthia: *Turns a nice subtle pink color as she feels herself squeezed and pushed with Dawn's movements, stomach beginning to churn her firmly, hot acids leaking out of the slimy walls. As humiliating as it was, it was also intimate. She pushed outwards, but Dawn's body greedily resisted her, squeezing her back into her tight ball as the stomach juices began filling her prison.* ...Alright... You made your point. You're the better trainer. Can you spit me up now?

Dawn: *Giggles, managing to pull her dress coat mostly over her stomach after some struggling.  Luckily for her her bulging tummy hung enough to keep her from -really- flashing anyone who happened to walk in. She may have just eaten someone, but she had a reputation as a girl to think of!* No need to worry! ...Or is the big ex-champion too much of a baby to stand a couple of days in the tummy of a little girl?~ *Dawn asked coyly, prodding mockingly into her fleshy belly.*

Cynthia: Y'know, I said the same thing a few years ago when I was your age.

Dawn: *Just sort of hesitates a moment* Wait... really?

Cynthia: Mmhm... I know, you thought I was older because I'm tall. Just... trust me on that one, alright? *Presses a hand against Dawn's stomach, rubbing it slightly from within. This time it was Dawn's turn to blush.* I know I should probably be more mad about this, but... if I had to be trapped in a stomach, I'd very much prefer to be trapped in yours.

Dawn: *Quietly embraces her stomach, all bashful at the implications Cynthia was making.*

Cynthia: I guess no matter how gross this is, I know I would've done the same thing. So... if you can get me out of here alive I'd like to get to know you a bit better; maybe we could explore this together! *Glides her hand around Dawn's belly exploringly.*

Dawn: *Goes a it weak in the knees, wobbling a bit. She begins to gently rub her belly in return.* W-We'll see... *She stiffens a bit, giving her tummy a couple of squeezes. She quietly hoped her acids would deal with this before she had to. I mean really! Having another girl flirt with her from inside her own stomach of all places was just the most embarassing thing! ...A part of her was very much curious though. Either way, she had no intention of letting Cynthia come out the way she got in. Frankly, she didn't know how.*

Lucas: *Walks in on Dawn rubbing her stomach thoughtfuly and does a double take as Dawn notices him in turn. His expression immediately became bashful and he moved forward, admiring Dawn's... form.* I--uh...  heard you beat the champ... *He said nervously, unsure how to react.*

Dawn: *Shifts her hands to her hips.* More like I -eat- the champ~ *Dawn replied nervously.*

Cynthia: *Heavily muffled. Only Dawn can understand.* You have a right to be proud...

Lucas: ... *Slowly moves forward and reaches out. Dawn frowns at his actions, but it wasn't as if she had room for one more. She had a girlish figure to look out for!* Really..? She's... -in there?- *Touches dawn's stomach gingerly, ever so slightly rubbing it.*

Cynthia: *Elbows Lucas' hand, sensing Dawn's tenseness. Dawn's stomach bulges outwards momentarily, but Lucas doesn't let go.* Hands off. *She snapped, a hint of jealousy in her voice. This time Lucas could make out her voice, though it wasn't easy.*

Lucas: *Eyes go wide* That's... awesome. *His tone was full of awe.*

Cynthia: ...I bet you wouldn't think it was so awesome if you were the one in here. *Cynthia remarked in a lackluster tone. Lucas couldn't really hear half of what she said anyway.*

Dawn: *Smirks knowingly. She gently swats Lucas' hand away.* Don't touch without permission~ *Affectionately cuddles her belly for a moment quite deliberately.* This is mine...~ *Dawn remarks rather possessively, her tone teasing. She was teasing Cynthia and at the same time Lucas, who became flustered as she turned and stuck out her tongue at him.*

(Story End)
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deathkiller90 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
I lovveee this!1 

pokemon vore emoticon 2 
deathkiller90 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
ejr2013 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
You think you could make this into a comic?
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Loved the story that went with this. I couldn't possibly love it anymore then I do now XD
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Glad to hear it! 
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
The world just got a little more beautiful with the addition of new Dawn vore. Very lovely :)
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Spaceguy222 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Once again, your writing skills impress me. The vivid and detailed! I'm glad to see you continuing this! :) 
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I've still got several more gifted pieces to color before I can ever consider stopping~ I enjoy writing, even if the rejected RP requests would suggest I don't.
Spaceguy222 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
I'm glad to hear that! I really enjoy your work!

What do you mean by "rejected RP requests"?
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