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Rosa eats Hugh -Animation and Short Story- by Artemis-Platinum Rosa eats Hugh -Animation and Short Story- by Artemis-Platinum
Warning: Voraphiles may find this sexy. If you're not a voraphile and this somehow /offends/ you despite how non-sexually explicit or graphic it is... You're a silly person and should probably just hit the back button now. (I take no responsibility for commentators consumed over the internet as a result of failure to adhere to this warning or insecurities related to such.)

This was gifted to me by an anonymous friend of mine quite a while back and while I loved the original ever so intensely this only provoked me to ask myself "What if it was in color?" (Here's the original: )

So I got their permission to re-upload a colored version, which is neat because now I get to share this with the world! I hosted a blog asking who people wanted to see her eat and the while it didn't get as much attention as I would've liked I did get an answer that I really liked: Hugh! Hugh makes for great prey in my head. Feisty, arrogant and straight up rude and provocative. This particular animation is running at a smooth 60 FPS seriously unlike any before it. Also noteworthy is that it breaches 1000 frames, sitting at around 1250 layers pre-optimization. It probably dropped down closer to 1200 after optimization, buuuut whatever right? Was... was it worth it? Did I do good? :iconpassoutplz:

Rosa: *Holds a handkerchief up to her mouth, using it to muffle a burp; there was no excuse for losing her manners, man eater or not! She then proceeds to lower a hand onto her pregnant looking stomach, nice and taut to her touch. That was how you knew it wasn't fat! ...Aside from the rest of her body being much more compact.*

Hugh: You let me out of here right now! *Squirms around, pressing his arms and thighs against the inside of Rosa's tight stomach and causing her belly to bounce and shift around in the process.*

Rosa: *Begins to gently stroke her bulging, taut stomach, an amused smirk covering her face as she felt the boy struggling underneath her tight skin, clothes disheveling slightly with his movements. She didn't mind--She was used to ignoring that; it was sort of standard etiquette for girls to at least wait until you were in private.* Nu-uh! You need to calm down!

Hugh: Are you kidding me?? *Begins to push and kick, more precise bulges stretching Rosa's stomach in various ways, causing it to distort and gurgle loudly. Rosa wobbled unsteadily as his weight is shifted around.* I'm going to give you indigestion!

Rosa: *Presses her hand hard into her stomach, squeezing Hugh a bit. She then begins to sway her hips back and fourth in a teasingly flirtatious manner, shaking her rear and belly slightly in the process.* Oh is that so?? You like moving around in there huh?~ Let me help you with that!

Hugh: *Blushing slightly at the feeling of Rosa's hips shifting around somewhat rapidly just below him as he is thrown around against the soft and tightly squeezing walls of Rosa's belly.* Gggnnn... T-There's no way I'm letting a g-girl stomach me--not l-like this!

Rosa: *Giggles and bounces on her feet, watching her stomach bounce with amusement and enjoying the indignant grunts and groans among the sloshing within. Noticing that her breasts were bouncing a little more than they aught to be Rosa stopped to reach back and begin fixing her bra, it had come undone when she swallowed him.* Oh yeah..?~ Why don't you prove how much of a man you are and stop me!~ *Rosa said in a rather coyly teasing tone.* If you lose, I'm uploading a video of this to Facebook.

Hugh: ...You asked for it--I'm about to unleash my rage! *Hugh begins to push and shove as if attempting to stretch Rosa's stomach to the bursting point. Unfortunately her stomach is a bit too strong and simply refuses to stretch beyond a certain point. Hugh in turn attempts to push himself up, attempting to force himself back up Rosa's throat. He makes it part way up, but Rosa's bra proves too tight for him to squeeze through and too sturdy for him to snap from within.*

Rosa: *Rolls her eyes, producing her xtransceiver.* I'm here with my buddy Hugh; he's being a bit of a brat though, so I decided to put him in 'time out'. *Rosa tilts her xtransceiver down to show her shifting belly.* That's him in there; don't ask how I pulled this off. Pretty freaky right? *Giggles* Don't worry though, I'll let him out as soon as he learns his lesson~ *Rosa prods her stomach, only to receive a kick from within* Remember to be nice to girls, boys! *Rosa says in a light-heartedly teasing tone whilst winking at the camera. She then stops recording.*

(For fun, comment what you as someone in the pokemon world might post in response to Rosa's facebook status~)

Hugh: Nngh... Nobody cares about Facebook Video anyway. *Hugh remarked sorely, having grown tired from his struggling and resigning himself somewhat.*

Rosa: And I'm a world famous movie star. *Rosa says somewhat haughtily, wrapping her arms around her stomach and giving it a gentle rub to soothe it from all the kicking and pushing Hugh had done.*

Hugh: *Irritably pushes against the tight, mucous covered walls. The belly rub was demeaning!* ...Great. Now the world knows you're fat.

Rosa: *Quirks a brow testily, sliding her arms more fully around her stomach and giving it a bit of a hug.* I bet half of them don't even believe it's real. *She replied somewhat dismissively.* And besides... I think I look more like I'm preggers than fat!~ *She quickly adds in a sweet tone. Rosa totally begins to coddle her stomach, cooing at it teasingly.* Awww you jus' wanna be born don't'cha!~ Who's a cute baby?? You are..!

Hugh: Gah! *Pushes and shoves in retaliation, a bright blush forming on his cheeks!* S-Shut up..! You win! Geez...

Rosa: *Allows her belly to hang again, placing her hands on her hips.* ...Are you suuuure?~

Hugh: *Hugh is secretly blushing rather intensely.* I'm not coming out of your butt.

Rosa: *Rolls her eyes, a smug smirk on her face.* As if! Maybe in your dreams, though~

Hugh: ...!

Rosa: *Waits a moment before patting her stomach* Alright... Let's get you out of there. *Begins walking only to feel the bulge inside her body begin sinking lower inside her. Her eyes widen and she stops to grasp her belly. A slight blush appears on her cheeks. It turned out Hugh had been in there longer than she'd thought... More importantly, she was pretty sure he was too far along for her to get him back out the way he'd gone in. Whoops!*
(Story End)
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TotalDramaFan90 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
This is fantastic!
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you like it~
jnsucker12 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 13, 2014
"was pretty sure he was too far along for her to get him back out the way he'd gone in."

...does that mean he was digested or that he... sank lower...?
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The latter~ ...Maybe a little bit of the former too, though. ;o
PepperedSoda Featured By Owner May 23, 2014   Artist
in my mind yes you did do good XD
yacob500 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Did hugh die?
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The implications at the end of the story were that Rosa was going to throw him back up but that he was too deep down to come back up. The rest was let unsaid.

You can probably work out what would've happened just by reading what I already wrote though. Namely, the tone of writing was still fairly friendly between the two wouldn't you say? You can work out from this that Rosa probably isn't going to do a sudden 180 and decide Hugh needs to die, meaning he's probably going to come out the only way he can... alive.

I imagine it's going to be fairly awkward for the both of them! ...But especially for Hugh. You can also observe that I'm not into scat and am into clean full tour, giving you a slight idea of how I might've chosen to play that out.
ThousandMileHorizon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Impressive, I enjoyed the story you added too! Your proportions here are nice, and though it's not a particularly big critique, I'd say adding a slight breathing to the chest would benefit the effect. Many voraphiles enjoy the ambiance of breathing in a vore picture, so it'd certainly help to simulate it!
Artemis-Platinum Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm one of those voraphile, y'know!~

I'll keep that in mind with further stuff. I agree that ambience is a big deal for us.
ThousandMileHorizon Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh, well I consider myself one. And that's fine, I hope to see more art of yours, especially one it takes my ideas into consideration!
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